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TERMs & Conditions

In consideration for your completing a registration form to the Smoke on the Water BBQ Fest, I, the registered contestant or parent/guardian, intending to be legally bound, hereby for myself, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages against the sponsors, promoters, City of Lincoln, Alabama, Talladega County and its officials and all other persons associated with this event or otherwise. The officials of the Smoke on the Water BBQ Fest reserve the right to remove entrants, spectators, or anyone, on the basis of objectionable behavior, failure to comply with rules or any other reason. I also agree photos, including, but not limited to, myself, team, food, equipment, etc., can be used in print or digital media for promotional purposes. I, the registered contestant or parent/guardian have read the above statement and waiver and do agree to abide by its terms and the terms of the event. I further understand that the decision of the judging, when applicable, is final. I acknowledge the event will be held rain or shine and I will not be refunded my entry fee or payment associated with any entry to any activity.

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